Surgery with dr samji

I’m 7 days out from surgery with dr samji and freaking out a bit. Whats a reasonable expectation for whats in store waking up from anesthesia?

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I was under anesthesia twice and will be going under again soon.

Personally I love anesthesia, but that’s just me, everyone reacts differently. When I wake up I feel amazing, it’s the best high ever. My wife says I have a very specific laugh I only do when I come out of anesthesia and apparently I crack a lot of jokes, I don’t remember doing any of that though.

If you have any motion sickness or get dizzy / nauseous easily ask for zofran and make sure to share all your concerns with your anesthesiologist.

I have extreme motion sickness and get dizzy easily and it made all the difference for me. I made the mistake of not getting the first time. Wasn’t fun.

Other then that, as you wake up you’re in and out of it. You’re not really forming memories and if you do, it’s blurry and not continuous.

From my experience it takes about an hour or so before you are fully back but the effects don’t wear off for at least 24 hours. So you shouldn’t experience any serious pain as you’re waking up as the drugs are still taking effect.

It’s scary and tough to let go and not know what to expect when going under, but honestly, it’s not bad.

I find chatting with the nurses while they’re hooking me up eases my nerves and then before you know it, you’re waking up and they’re asking you to move your legs and hands.

You got this!


Thats what I was hoping to hear. I’m partially looking forward to this but also I’m not.


I had surgery with Dr Samji on May 9th. Waking up was easy. I had very little pain - more soreness. Dr Samji is great! Keep us posted. I will be wishing you the best.


@meregehrke any relief from your preop symptoms yet?

I woke up whimpering with back ache- weird with all the anesthesia to feel that :joy: It was because I was on my back, the lovely nurse taking care of me tucked a pillow under my knees & I was fine!

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@Ladybug Thanks for checking in. I have felt small relief from time to time. I still have sharp ear pain but it isn’t always as severe as it was. Dr Samji warned me that it is a slow healing process and the initial swelling mimics still having the styloid bone. Monday will be three weeks post surgery. I remain optimistic that I will continue to see incremental improvements and healing. I’m ready to get my left side done in late July / early August.


I’m glad to hear you’re noticing even little improvements, @meregehrke. I think I’ve mentioned that sometimes the symptoms go away so slowly we don’t notice right away when they’re gone. It just occurs to us one day that we haven’t felt that certain pain, tingling, burning, etc., in awhile. It would be great for resolution more quickly, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. :hugs:

7 days post op now and things are going fine. Surgery was much less painful than I expected.

There was constant pressure behind my jaw that I had gotten use to, pretty amazed this worked as well as it did.


That’s great to hear, thank you for the update! Was it okay coming round after surgery? Keep healing well :hugs:

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That’s great news, @sigmet25! Thank you for updating us. You will continue to notice improvement as time passes, but do be aware that some symptoms may come & go for awhile before they leave for good. Don’t be alarmed. This is a pretty typical recovery pattern.

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:rofl: :joy:
OMG elijah! Nice to know Im not the only one who enjoys going under. I think its nice just to be free of pain for awhile. I did want to add, that for those who do have motion sickness and nausea, a little trick of some anesthesiologists is to give you a scopolamine patch behind the ear. It works like a charm for me. Zofran alone just doesnt work for me.

I know this is a belated response for sigmet25. Samji did both my surgeries and generally i had a very good experience and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I really think the steroids help alot. Im glad you are recovering well.


I like the medication they give you for colonoscopy. I don’t think it is the same for surgery but I believe it is called Propanol. This might be the stuff Michael Jackson like too.

@Bc2 - I’m not sure what you get for a colonoscopy. I like that it doesn’t knock you out as completely as general anesthesia. I’m not wild about feeling kind of out if it for the day after a colonoscopy though! Honestly, I can’t remember what Michael Jackson took/liked but just looked it up - it was Propofol so close to what you said!

Try posting your pics again. Based on what Mod Support told me, it should work now.

I HATE it. From the stuff they give you prior to clean you out to the stuff they give you to stupefy or semi knock you out. I hate the squirts and I hate the awful, horrible hangover I get post procedure. For me, if they’re going to knock me out, do it properly. That 1/2 in,1/2 out, semi knock out effect can leave me with an awful hungover for days BBLLAAHHH, where as if I’m out fully, the wake up isn’t as yuck. Don’t get me wrong, no anaesthetic is nice but the ‘1/2 in, 1/2 out’ is the worst in my opinion.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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I actually liked being able to watch my colonoscopy on the computer screen even though I was pretty much asleep so only saw parts of it. We get used to seeing our outsides but don’t often see our insides. :rofl::rofl: