TENS Therapy for pain relief

Hello everyone! I have recently begun experimenting with TENS therapy for pain management. I am currently on meds for the neuralgia symptoms but at times there is severe pain that no medication seems to touch. Ear pain, neck, shoulder, migraine, eye pressure, jaw pain…you know what I am talking about. Anyways, I tried it last night after two painful sleepless nights and it was wonderful. Not like butterflies and ferries everything is better wonderful, but the excruciating edge, painful pressure in the ears, and nauseating migraine subsided so I could sleep kind of wonderful. Has anyone else tried this?

I purchased a TENS unit off Amazon for like 30$ about 7 years ago to treat what I thought was TMJ pain but now believe was the start of my ES symptoms.


I’m really glad the TENS treatment helped you last night, @Duckie! That’s great to know. I bought a TENS unit some years ago but gave it to my dad when he was having some nerve pain issues & never used it myself. I have had TENS therapy for back & shoulder pain & it was very helpful so it makes sense that it could help w/ ES symptoms as well since they are also nerve related.

I did a quick look at other mentions of TENS therapy by our members, & it looks like most did not get the results you did. Just another testimony to the fact we are all created differently, & what helps one is no help to another. It’s too bad in this case as TENS therapy is a relatively easy & non-invasive treatment.


Great that it helps take some of the pain away, good to hear & worth a try for others :hugs:

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I am thrilled to hear this is working for you. We tried the TENS unit since we own/operate healthcare companies and have used these for years with our patients with great success. Unfortunately it didn’t help me with ES and worsened my symptoms with prolonged use.

Regardless, if it is helping you, that is awesome as there are many that find this extremely beneficial for various reasons.

All the best!


@JPB - How are you doing these days?

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I have some great days and some painful days, but still considerably better than where I was prior to the surgery.

I continue to focus on my healing and have begun exercising which has been nice!

Thank you for checking in.


So good to hear you’re continuing to improve! I expect, as each month passes, you’ll continue to notice positive changes. Being able to exercise again is a giant step in the healing direction!!

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