Has a dr sent anyone eles for a esophageal scope? Has anyone eles been told they have globus?

Yes, I was told I had globus after numerous tests. Food was actually getting stuck in my throat and the constant dry feeling in my throat and strep feeling. Dr’s told me it was gerd, had a bravo meter inserted in my esophagus and it read that I did not have gerd or excessive acid. I was even told to go on anxiety meds which I refused saying if I could swallow and figure out what was stuck in my throat I wouldn’t have anxiety. It took going to an ENT who did a ct scan with contrast to see I actually had a bone (elongated calcified styloid) poking me in my throat. ENT said I have eagle syndrome and I will be having surgery intraorally in a few days! Stay strong and don’t give up, I will be praying for you. On a positive note all the tests that were done showed I am very healthy!

I was also told that I had globus, that it could be a pinched nerve, muscle tensions, and that it could be a result of anxiety/stress from juggling a job, home, and family with two small children. Like Snowlady I was also prescribed anxiety meds (which I also did not take) and other medication. Now 8 years later, an experienced ENT recently reviewed my most recent CT scan, and I finally got the ES (bilateral) diagnosis. I will most likely have surgery in the fall. I hope you get some answers soon, Gods blessing! Good luck on your surgery, Snowlady! I pray that you will get complete relief and a speedy recovery!

Yes I did have the scope and also a biopsy of the stomach. Turns out it confirmed that I have "silent" reflux, which does affect the throat, but that also ended up not being the cause of the feeling of something poking into my throat. Obviously, that ended up being my styloid, which was diagnosed with 3D CT scan. So I have BOTH reflux and Eagle's! I do not think it's a bad idea to rule out and/or confirm any stomach or throat issues you may have, but at the same time, make sure you stick to your guns and get a 3D CT scan to diagnose possible Eagle's as well, if you feel you need that. Good luck.