Tinkering with 3D rendering of CT while I wait

It appears that my left styloid is fractured, and that the stray fragment is what caused the lump/mass behind my jaw that prompted me to see the ENT. Really looking forward to consulting with Dr Joshua Schindler at OHSU. After submitting to an EKG from my PCP to rule out a heart problem as the cause of my persistent dizziness and episodes of near fainting, he agreed to prescribe me a short, moderate doseage course of oral Prednisone to reduce the general inflammation in my SHP area. I do think it’s making easier to swallow food and liquids, and somewhat oddly, my vision improved a bit. Maybe a little reduction in the stabbing nerve pain in my ears and jaw, too.

Glad that the steroids have helped a bit! Looking at the CT, it could be a fractured piece of styloid, or otherwise a section of the stylo-hyoid ligament which has calcified. Either way, I’m sure it will be better out than in!
Hope that you don’t have to wait too long to see Dr Schindler!

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So glad you got some steroids to reduce the inflammation! You could also try a little icing as well.

My CT scan showed segments but it did end up being connected and longer than what radiologist measured. When I was in docs office, he explained CT scans are done at certain intervals (slices) and then the software interprets what is in between. He is an experienced ES surgeon and looks at these all the time and more experienced interpreting than radiologist. This is why it is good to have disk in hand or review when you go in for ES consult at OSHU.

This view looks a little odd. Remember it is just one slice…Id keep playing with the 3d viewer to see if you can get some more views.

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Lucky you, here’s yet another opinion, but it tags along w/ Jules & Snapple’s thoughts. I think your styloid isn’t broken but that you have a calcified section of stylohyoid ligament. If you look at the tip of your styloid, it’s pointed as it should be. If it was broken, I would expect it would look more flat or jagged, & the top end (closest to the styloid) of the separate piece is very smooth looking instead of looking broken off. It really doesn’t matter what the proper title is, what’s important is that you have symptoms & more than likely, getting that piece of calcification removed will help your symptoms to resolve. Here’s hoping Dr. Schindler comes alongside you & is willing to help.

I’m also glad the prednisone is helping. It’s amazing how healing even a small reduction in inflammation can be!

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