Twitching symptoms

I am curious if others with ES have experienced a lot of twitching. I have been doing some trigger point massaging for the last couple of months but since I’ve been taking muscle relaxers, the muscles in my face have relaxed so much that I can feel tiny knots (trigger points) along my eyebrows, cheekbones, and by the ear. When I press at the top of my cheek bone, my eyebrow visibly twitches. And this referred twitching also happens with other muscles but not as dramatically.

From what I understand, the eyebrow twitching might have to do with me hitting a nerve around my cheekbone. Could this be an ES symptom? I still don’t understand too much about how ES affects various nerves other than at a high level (i.e., irritation of the vagus nerve and cranial nerves).

Another strange symptom I have is in the inner ear. I have practiced meditation for years. When I am meditating on sounds around me, sometimes it is like something in my inner ears shift or relax. Not sure if that could be eagle’s related or not.

Thanks in advance

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The facial nerve and the trigeminal nerves are both affected commonly by ES, here’s some diagrams so you can see the nerves’ path & see if it could be causing issues:

Quite similar pathways!

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Oh wow. These are almost exactly where a lot of my pain and related symptoms run along. Thank you Jules!