Your appreciated

Tho no one here in my home or friends understand ES, here, I just want to let everyone know how appreciated I feel for all the help and support I got from here. Even when feeling better, I won’t leave. Thank you all…


We’re glad that you’re here too! Staying on here when you are feeling better gives others the gift of strength and hope. That’s the beauty of peers helping peers.
Thank you, AngelLizzie, and Happy New Year to you!
Seenie from Moderator Support


Thank you, Angel Lizzie. We’re all here for you too. :slight_smile:

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We’re thankful that you’re a part of the ES group, AngelLizzie!! Each new person who shares their ES journey provides insight into ES that someone needs. You’re appreciated as well!

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You are on a hard journey…keep on keeping on and pursue your healing with all you have. It’s hard because only you know how much pain you are in. You’re right, people don’t understand what you are going through. My husband lost all patience with my situation, but he stuck it out with me, but I knew it was hell on him. Blog with us and stay connected. I am no longer in pain, I have other issues like, diabetes and bulging discs from going under an 18-wheeler in the Texas Panhandle…I survived and dodged the bullet.

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