2 Weeks Post-op

It’s been a long, yet quick 2 weeks. So for the first full week I had next to no improvement with pain (throat pain where surgery was, neck pain, earache type pain, nausea) and was taking 1 Norco every 3-4 hours. Also using ice packs, on mostly liquids- water, gatorades, jellos, puddings, popsicles, and ice cream. Then by day 4-5 I started with some chicken noodle soup with crackers, mashed up veggies, cottage cheese, yogurt, smoothies, and puréed foods using a blender. In the last 3-4 days I’ve been able to start on regular foods. I have had less pain and have been able to stretch my pain pills out to 1 every 6-8 hours. I’m sleeping at longer intervals as to where I was only sleeping a few hours here and there, partly due to getting up to take pain pills or I’d be hurting. My earache like pain is almost gone, I’m not getting it near as often or as bad. Theres still some pain below my ear and down my neck but it’s tolerable. I still have some issues with my tongue, sort of a numbness to it and can’t move it all around my mouth such as when trying to get food out between my teeth and cheeks. Only slight nausea now and then. I’m able to lay on my left side, the side I had surgery on, for a short time.

Also due to having the sinus surgery at the same time for being blocked up I was referred to an allergist. I went for allergy testing 2 days ago and found that I’m allergic to dust mites big time, also grass, ragweed, and tree pollens. And to a lesser extent cats and dogs which I have some of both :frowning: So lots of measures to take to help keep my sinuses clear and keep all that under control.

I think I’ve pretty well covered everything. I’ve been up doing some house cleaning, sort of alternating days. I’ll be up doing some one day and relaxing and taking it easy the next. Still trying not to do a lot at a time.

If anyone has any questions I’d be glad to try to answer them for you :slight_smile:

Glad you're improving, and hope it continues!

God Bless

Great news! Your recovery sounds just like mine - I also had left side surgery. Be sure not to over do it in the coming weeks as you feel better or you will set yourself back. Glad you are doing well!

Sounds like you're doing GREAT!! Glad you've seen such good improvement! Day by day you'll notice little things feeling better. I'm a month out & my tongue is still not right & I still have a little pain around my ear if I poke myself. My chin area is a bit numb, but daily I can feel changes in the right direction. Recovery is a game of patience. You'll be fully well before you know it!!



Liquad Roxicet" works so much better for the pain. My base skull Surgeon who did the intro oral approach. He prefers to give that. Because he warned me that it would feel like swallowing broken glass for up to 8 weeks! That’s about how long it took me to feel somewhat normal. But my mom had the same surgery 1 year prior. And she was out in about in 2 weeks! Like she never had a surgery at all " My tongue stayed crooked to the left for about 6 months. I had major sinus problems after my surgery. It’s like it opened the flood gates! That’s when I realized how this dissorder causes so much issues! Godspeed with your healing process and I hope you have wonderful results!