3 days post-op

First couple of days after surgery weren’t too bad, as I’d said. However, yesterday the pain and tiredness caught up with me. I did manage to get out and go to my kids’ Christmas concert, their last one as they are seniors in high school, so I didn’t wanna miss it. Since yesterday afternoon I’ve done a lot more napping, staying up long enough here and there to eat and take a pain pill, maybe watch a little TV and back to sleep. The left side of my tongue is still numb, it hurts to swallow anything even liquids, which I knew to expect. And talking is once in awhile been an issue. I’ve also developed a huge nasty cold sore on the right side of my mouth. I’ve gotten these things thru most of my life but usually not this big. I had looked up to see if they could be triggered by having surgery done and it was a possibility. So at least I don’t have to go out and do anything for at least the next week, hopefully this cold sore will start healing and not be so embarrassing. Has any one else had a cold sore like this that seems to be triggered from surgery? I typically take L-Lysine tablets and apply tea tree oil to the sore.

Want to encourage you by saying that days 3-5 are the worst days of recovery because that’s when your swelling & pain reach their maximum. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things to take care of yourself just keep on doing those. Listen to your body & it will let you know when it’s ready to be “out & about” again.

Cold sores are generally caused by herpes virus & since your immune system is probably slightly compromised because of your surgery, it makes sense that the herpes would flare & show itself through a cold sore. Glad you have a tried & true method for treating them.

As far as your tongue goes, you just have to continue being patient. Nerves are slow to heal & it will likely be a couple of months before you see an improvement.

I hope you’re able to enjoy the upcoming holidays but let your kids wait on you this year!!

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Like Isaiah says it’s probably that the stress of surgery means you’re a bit low & the cold sore’s come out. Hope it soon goes! & hope that you can enjoy the preparations for Christmas too; I’m sure you’ll feel more human soon! :bouquet:

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