Friday the 13th

I called up the hospital today as RB had suggested to find out if I can be put on their surgery cancelation list, now since june the 23th ive called 4-5 times up until today and have asked why is it 32 months wait for me on their waiting list to have surgery , all I kept getting told was that's the public hospital system ok I knw its long but holly shit that long , anyway I spoke to the outpatients department I asked is it possible for me to be placed on their cancelation surgery list that's when the bomb shell hit she said let me bring up ya file oh the waiting list ive been put on is not for surgery at all its a waiting list to see a dr to find out what % of hearing ive lost , I said what no ive been told by the gp yes the referral has been sent to the hospital , I was in total shock to hear that the women was really lovely on the phone she kept talking to me and said once ive had that test that's when who ever does it will put me on the list for surgery , no use calling up the surgeon to find out what the hell is going on he don't return ya calls ive been there ive needed to contact him in the past I gave up after a month I got sick of been told hes not in the office , im so bloody shattered , cant understand why do I need to be tested for % ive lost in hearing im not there for bloody hearing aids im there to get these unwanted bones cut out , now I feel im back to square 1 again ,im going to be calling the Footscray hospital first thing Monday morning and find out what the waiting time is to see someone there, I cant get over it im just getting the bloody run around again , back in march when I saw a surgeon he didn't beat around the bush he told me straight out he has no knowledge of eagles syndrome and if he was to send me to see someone else he said it in a nice way he didn't feel im in the position to pay thousands of dollars and he was right , then the surgeon I saw may/june he was useless he told me he had done this type of operation before but wouldn't answer any of me questions I had then for some reason he had changed his surname and he wanted to send me to a neuro dr because he wanted a second opinion I asked him why does he need that when 15 mins early he was raving on hes done this before he wouldn't answer me I wasn't going back to see him , so now im at a stand still , I honestly don't know where I can turn for help now

Wow… And you are in Melbourne a massive city and you get this type of crap. Are you still working at the moment? What’s the latest update with your search for a surgeon?