Getting more down

called the footscray hospital today they cant yet tell me when ill get me appointment to see a neuro surgeon :-( after the past few weeks here in melbourne with high windstrying to protect me ears didnt do much , the dizziness is getting worse , last night i tryed to rescue me cat while i was dizzy i had a fall and hurt me left knee , been out of bed for only a short time today as i cant walk properly then tonight i had a cup of water in the microwave for 5 mins on high as i hobbled back to me bedroom i went very dizzy again and as i fell over i spilt the whole cup of boiling water over and ontop and around me right knee , unable to get up off the floor straight away i had to wait till the dizziness eased then struggled to get into the shower , im struggling to get out of bed as walking around is a problem :'( im in so much bloody pain even more now with both knees , i should of gone to the local hospital for treatment but the waiting time in the sunshine hospital can be up to 12 hours wait as i have waited that long , i need to go work tomorow i dont know if i can even make it in , im not even able to reach me cat its been 2 days now hes had nofood or water :-( i cant help him even ,this is getting me so down not able to live a normal life personally suicide would be much quicker than for ever been put on waiting lists ,and trying to act like everything is ok while im at work is getting harder for me to hide

Press in Purple Girl! Find another GP that cares - someone who can refer you to be on the short list for surgery. Surely there are good doctors in Melbourne? Don't give up, press in even if you have to make a nuisance of yourself, demand answers. Thinking of you :)

Hi purple girl. Sorry to hear your trouble. Do they have surgeons in Melbourne who is experienced enough to operated on this syndrome? How long do you have to wait in the public system?

Hi Vince how ya going? :slight_smile: yes Melbourne is a.big city but finding help that’s a different story. Yes I’m still working God knws how I do it I’m in retail I think you’ve got masters home improvement up your way MT Gambia I do the register work ect. Today was hell for me :’( and been made. Fun of because I was rubbing me ears that got to me.