I dont know what to do

im getting to the stage where im sick to death of quite afew people I work with I don't know if you'd call it putting me down or made fun of, our uniform at work is neat casual and we wear a work vest , I wear a hooded jacket every day and a warm woollen scarf , yes I do feel the cold but we have had high winds also which is playing havic around me ears and neck, its constantly oh purple its not that hot or and oh Karen its 25 degrees why am I wearing me scarf and got me hood on , well im trying to shield me neck and ears from the wind ,I really just wished these people could step into my shoes for a day and just feel for them selfs what its like , having to leave work early last Friday night im standing at the registers with a heat bag around me ears I knew I should of called in sick even thou im on the waiting list but another 2 and a half year wait is a hell of a long time I was in tears again today mixture of server ear pain and something been said to me again im slowly withdrawing away from friends at work and now just keep to meself a few people noticed there was something wrong because well rubbing me ears and neck but also not mixing in I just stood at the exit door and watch 9 self serve registers its starting to depress me now as it is with all this frigging constant agony let alone with people saying these things to me about how im trying me best to shield me ears and neck from the wind ,it does make it even harder not only working outside every Saturday in the garden section but been sent out there because nobody wants to stand out in the cold :-(


Have you asked to be on a cancelation list for surgery? I know the wait list is quite long, but when they are looking for people to fill in a cancelation on short notice, I am sure they look at those willing to go in on short notice first. Obviosly even that list may be long but it may be shorter than the regular list. I am sorry you are struggling. Hang in there and dont give up hope!


Thank you so much for that RB I never thought of that I’m going to geelong in 2 weeks time ill be going into the geelong hospital and have a talk to them this waiting list is total bullshit it will be the year 2015 and second opp will be 2019 God I really wished I have the money to pay for these operations

You may be able to call the office and just ask to be put on the list if they do that. Waiting 2 weeks is just putting you further behind on the list.

I thought it would be better to go in so they can actually see me face to face so they can see for them selfs I’m really suffering :’( .in 2 weeks I’ve got 6 days off so me brother said he will come with me down to geelong today I was only out of bed for 2 hours just long enough for a shower and supermarket just that was a real struggle so I’ve slept most of today away. Got up before to have another shower and boiled up me heat pack this time 25 minutes and I’m back in bed. With it sitting around me ears neck and shoulders.