All Of My Oddities

Eagle's Syndrome represents roughly 4% of the population, even if the number is too low or too high the fact remains that it's a small percentage of people. Rather than assuming Eagle's is caused by deficiencies, trauma, or other diseases, I figured I'd add up all of my oddities-- times I've strayed from the norm. I'll also include some normal facts, for good measure. Perhaps we could get a consensus going, perhaps we all share a specific, odd, commonality or two. There isn't enough known about this strange (Eagle's) syndrome. To me, this is a great time to make some headway, to discover more. Who knows, perhaps a non-surgical option or non drug-dependent option is available. Perhaps prevention is available.

Pre disclosure of disclosures:: I know this is a long shot. I know many people won't want to share their oddities or find me sharing mine helpful. That's OK. Read the list, find it amusing if you would like, respond if would like.

I've never been shy, here's me, full disclosure:

1. I had a lot of x-rays as a kid. Big tom-boy here.

2. I have anxiety disorder, specifically OCD.

3. I recently (prior to being diagnosed with Eagle's) took a long course of antibiotics (Keflex) to clear a bad acne flair up.

4. I have bad acne.

5. I brush my teeth with non-organic Calcium, Mag, D tablet. I open them up and put them on my toothpaste, I then brush my teeth with them.

6. I have had whiplash, twice.

7. I'm thin, I've always been thin. Very thin and tall.

8. I eat a lot of soy-- unintentionally, I'm like a moth to a flame with soy.

9. I grew up near a nuclear facility (so there's that) :)

10. I frequently had strep throat as kid- in fact, they said that I was carrier for the virus.

11. I cut my uvula in half, with a straw, when I was ten.

12. I had three root canals before age 20.

13. I walked early, six months old.

14. We often used copious amounts of bleach to clean around the house.

15. I'm very fair-skinned, it's translucent even.

16. In conjunction with #1, I've had at least three concussions.

17. I have hyper-mobility.

18. I have awful periods with no underlying cause.

19. My mother had me in her late 30's and my father was in his late 40s.

I'll update the list as I think of things! This should be silly.

Hi Zeiss11.

I found interesting your list. I also have the characteristics described in items 15 (fair-skinned) and 19 (child born of a mother with over 30 years and father with over 40 years).

That's interesting. I have 7, 15, 16 and 17... thats thin, fair skinned, lots of concussions and hypermobility. Gotta admit tho... less of the number 7 after having a daughter. Not been diagnosed with eagles yet but strongly suspect I have it -all the symptoms and dentists, ent and physios are stumped. Seeing an ent next month who I hope will let me have a 3d ct. Good thread. I'd be really interested to know whether previous injuries (whip lash and concussios) give you a higher likelihood of getting eagles.

This is a great idea! I just had my styloid snipped out 2 weeks ago. I'm starting to feel better. It was poking through my tonsil area about 2 cm, into my tongue. I got shoved around to different doctors until the VA hospital found some doctors from the University of Oklahoma that would take my case. I have a follow-up on Friday. After that, I will post about my experience throughout all of this.

I'm a 35 year old female. I grew up in KY and live in Oklahoma.

1. I have been exposed to a lot of radiation. I was in the Air Force. I was a crewmember on AWACS, an aircraft that uses radar to operate as an airborne command and control center. I have about 1,500 hours in the plane.

2. I have anxiety disorder, specifically PTSD.

4. I have had acne.

6. I have had whiplash. I was in a car accident a few years ago that totaled my car.

7. I'm thin, I've always been thin. 5'7 and 120 lbs.

8. I eat soy.

12. I had major dental work. I've had 5 root canals, I think, and 1 apicoectomy (root canal gone bad, they had to clean out the root by drilling through the jaw bone) and 2 root canal retreats. (root canal revisited)

13. I have TMJ. It has been so bad that my jaw has locked shut before.

14. I have red hair.

17. I was a gymnast when I was younger.

18. I have awful periods with no underlying cause.

19. I am a high-strung person.

After reading all of this, I'm not surprised that I have had this problem. lol I need to start doing yoga! :)