Checking in after 2nd surgery

It’s been a long time since I posted last. I had my right side styloid removed September 1st. I still have numbness and shooting pain along with pins and needles from the ear down through the jaw and shoulder. It is not all the time so I am thankful for that. The constant eye pain was immediately better after surgery. I had the left styloid bone removed May 11th. My balance was immediately off from waking up and it feels like my body is constantly trying to readjust again. The extreme sensations of vertigo have drastically let up and for that I am thankful. I can look left and right now with only 15-20seconds of feeling off. Still not able to look up or down though without the passing out sensation and dizziness. I will say that I am very very happy that I had both sides done because even with complications that came up, I still feel better than what I did before. I do have TOS as well as Chiarii1 malformation and my right vestibular nerve is completely gone. For whatever reason my left never has compensated. I was on medication to help the chiarii1 but it drops my blood pressure to much. Going on my first plane flight next month as well as a week cruise. I’m terrified that I am going to suffer. I’ve started physical therapy this week. I am going to continue to push forward and keep trying. I hate those moments where I feel like I am not going to make it to the next and yet God sees me through. My prayers everyone, I know it’s a long road but don’t give up.


I’m glad that you feel the surgery has helped some of your symptoms; it’s so hard with several complicated medical conditions to sort out what symptoms are what, & obviously you won’t have complete resolution either, but I love your positive attitude & glad that your faith helps you.
Thank you for your update, I hope that you’re okay after the flight & that you can have a lovely cruise, you deserve it!
God bless, hugs to you :pray: :hugs: :hugs:

Hi Melanie,

How great that you’ve had some improvement from surgery. As Jules said, some of your remaining symptoms could reign back to the other physical challenges you have. You’re still in the early healing stage after your second surgery so you may see some further positive changes as time passes. I had some symptoms that disappeared at the 9-12 month post op mark - long after I’d resigned myself to having them permanently. Also I got First Bite Syndrome after my first surgery which has stuck w/ me since then, however, the symptoms have decreased gradually over the last 7.5 years to the point where it’s almost gone. I’m thrilled about this, of course, & it’s a testimony to the fact the human body continually works to recover from injury.

I think you’ll do fine on your plane flight, & the cruise sounds like a great adventure! Take some motion sickness meds w/ you (you’ll need to take a dose before you feel sick for it to really work) just in case. Bonine is the non-drowsy version of Dramamine & sea bands use pressure point therapy to help (no meds required). If you feel something stronger would be better, you can get an Rx for Scopolamine patches from your PCP.

Please let us know how your trip goes when you get back. I hope it’s a nice time of respite for you. :heart: :pray:

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Wow, a long road of recovery indeed! Keep up the battle to feeling better, you can do it, with God’s help. I will keep praying for you! Hugs.

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