CTAs showing bilateral ES with left and right IJV compression

How do y’all deal with the anxiety as you wait for surgery? I am useless, I’m so afraid.

I was not afraid of surgery. My symptoms were so bad, I couldn’t wait for the cause to be removed. That said, I also don’t have the additional health risks you do.

I am a Christian, so I trusted God had a plan for me, & whatever the surgical outcome, it would put me right where He wanted me. I am very thankful for this relationship I have with Him. it has carried me through many a fierce “storm”.

I am praying for you to feel peace & calm as you await a surgery date & further details about what your surgery will entail, @slekeille. :hugs::pray:t3:


Thank you for all of your support on all of my topics. It means the world to me, especially as I’m starting to feel like a broken record that posts far too frequently. I haven’t had a relationship with any God in quite some time, but last night before I ended up going to the hospital, I got down on my knees in my closet and prayed out loud for the first time in years. I would call it more along the lines of begging, to be honest. I apologized for being a fair weather prayer at the beginning, and the end. I’m terrified because of my vEDS. I just really hope this all turns out OK.


God heard your prayers, my friend. Just keep talking to Him & letting Him know your fears & concerns. He is there for you!

I try to be conversational with God off & on all day like He’s walking beside me & we’re chatting together. Unfortunately, I’m better at talking than listening. :roll_eyes:


I’m with @Isaiah_40_31 that faith kept me going while I waited, & this forum too! I was starting to feel pretty ill before surgery though…Obvs you have the extra worry with your VEDS, so it’s totally understandable that you’re anxious. I’ll keep sending you hugs & praying for you :hugs: :pray:


Here is a small list:

Faith, my family, meditation, some great books (that I can share if you message me directly), walks, getting as much sleep as I could, positive affirmations (CALM, Head Space, Selfpause), journaling, writing positive messages on social media, and much more.


Having had the surgery less than a month ago, I can reassure you that everything, with a minor exception, went very well and from my perspective, there is nothing to fear. I too, relied on prayers to ensure that anything that was beyond my control would be handled by God and that is exactly what happened. People that I had never met were there as my safety net and others that I hadn’t even asked for assistance, were there for me.