Doctor in India?

I am from India and I cannot fine a doctor who is expert on this.Anyone from India who can suggest me a good doctor?

I don’t think there’s any curent members from India, I’m afraid. One member (heiemt) previously suggested looking at research papers (there’s links in the Newbies Guide ES Info sections) and seeing if any of the authors are from India, if you have time. One day I’d like to go through them all & list them in the Doctors Info section… !

I really appreciate that .Thanks Jules

I too am from India ,mr Raghav.i am at 959xxxxxxx

(Number removed by modsupport for the member’s privacy protection. Please PM Mike_hunter for his phone number if you’d like to call him.)

did you get your CT done ? Was it eagle ? I also want to know of a doctor who does this surgery transorally. Dr k.o paulose from jubilee memorial hospital does it but i am not sure if he is an expert and how many cases of eagle he has handled thus far