Dr Moloro in Chicago

Has anyone had an experience with him? He would be more convenient for me to see…however I am leaning towards Dr. Forest in Ohio…9 hours from me

Hi folks… Just bear in mind that for legal reasons please don’t post negative feelings about members of the medical profession - positive endorsements only.

I too had an appointment with Dr Forest in Ohio. I seen Dr Bove at Northwestern Hospital in Cihcago and he is doing the surgery for me on the 4th!! It is easy to make and appointment to see him and he is very friendly, down to earth and there is no arrogance in him whatsoever!!


Ivy, do a search on Dr. Miloro. I believe there was a positive experience with him not that long ago.

There's another doctor too in the Chicago area - Dr. Konstantin Slavin. I think he has a couple locations - one is at the U of I downtown and I think there are some in the suburbs. (I'm helping Emma update the doctor list since she's going to be out of contact for a while and I remember seeing his name.)

I think I recall seeing that name recently as well. Heidemt, thx for keeping up with Emma’s list!

Heidemt, thx for keeping up with Emma's list!


No problem. I should be able to complete the update in the next week or so and then I'll make a post.

I guess my question is whether or not anyone is familiar with Milono or any other doc in Chicago. I’m a little hesitant on just choosing anyone

Hi Ivy, as I recall, there have been people that had successful surgeries with both of those Chicago doctors. Sometimes the problem with asking about doctors is that once people have successful surgeries, they usually don't come back to the forum very often. So questions may go unanswered.

But I think most people will agree that it's usually much better to go to a more experienced doctor. My personal opinion is to go with Dr. Forrest. He's one of the most experienced doctors out there and everyone seems to say he's nice as well. Most people have to travel to see an experienced doctor and I think it's usually worth it.

Dr forrest is great. He’s kind, patient, and is a good listener and communicator. Best doctor I’ve ever had.