Finding the right doctor

I just don’t know where to start. My ENT diagnosed me but said it was out of his expertise and wanted to send me to UofM (Michigan). Well no one there treats ES. No one in Michigan at all? Nope. Well now I have to try out of State. And I should have an idea if I feel more comfortable with open neck surgery or through the mouth. Each doc seems to have a preference. Plus I’m worried about how an individual doc will proceed. Don’t want them to not remove enough etc. Yikes…don’t know where or how to proceed! Plus this is going to be difficult logistically!
What docs did you love and feel comfortable with his procedure method? Any one see Dr. Moloro in Chicago?

Ivy: I went to Henry Ford yesterday. I will be getting a steroid injection done by an interventional radiologist. The dr. I saw said he felt someone there could do surgery…he didn’t sound like he wanted to. Unfortunately, my CT scan disc would not open up for him. I have another one I will send down. I was very impressed with the Henry Ford Staff and liked the dr. I saw. Four of them do head and neck surgeries and at least the one air saw in an ENT too. Will keep you posted.

Thank You, Kay. Will be thinking of you

Hi Ivy,

Here's a link for Dr. Miloro who's in Chicago according to Emma's list. He apparently does ES surgeries

Hope this helps

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