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I originally called to get an appointment with Dr. Nuss and was referred to Stephen Hernandez and I made appointment. I’ve read on the site Nuss has experience and has has great results . He also performs external approach and Hernandez does not . So I researched found another Doctor in Nola that does External Dr. Celestre and made an appointment . Strange thing today out of the blue I get a call from Dr. Nuss nurse asking if I would like to make an appointment and he still treats and does surgery . Currently I have appointments with all three and I’m thinking I may go to all of them to hear what they have to say …??

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I think seeing all three is a great plan! We definitely endorse getting a second opinion whenever possible as you may feel much more comfortable w/ one surgeon’s approach & personality than another’s.

I’m really glad to hear Dr. Nuss is back to taking ES patients. That will be helpful to our members who live in your area.

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Will be interesting to see what Dr Nuss says!

Hi Tim I am glad you got in with them! How long did it take to get the appointments with them? I’m looking at bare minimum a month before my first appointment with Dr Hepworth thats in Denver. I’m from the Gulf area so Baton Rouge/NOLA is only a few hours away and would be way better than driving 20 hours.

@Tim ~

Haven’t heard from you in awhile. How did your appointments go? Do you have surgery scheduled or have you had surgery? I hope all is well!

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