Going to see miriam redleaf outside chicago

Asked my doc if he could get me an appointment with Dr Slavin in Chicago. Apparently not. So he spoke with the University of Illinois and they recommended Dr Redleaf. So I will be seeing her April 8.

I just looked her up. She went to U of Chicago med school - wow. She has good credentials - keep us posted.

Huh.....thought I'd better call Miriam Redleaf's office and speak to them about Eagles Syndrome. Good thing I did....she doesn't treat it. Glad I found out.. Just spent $550 on a plane ticket to get there. Going to see Borrowsdale and hopefully I can get into Dr Miloro too. This is the 2nd doc my ENT has sent me up with who ends up not treating ES at all! Okay....I'm doing this myself from now on.

Ivy - there's another doctor in Chicago too.

Northwestern Medical Group Dr. Michael Bove