Got Results Back From Scan!

Greetings all from the great Northwest!

I had my scan today…a 3D CT Scan with Contrast. If you have never had it, that contrast warms you up like a good shot of aged whiskey , with a much bitter taste though :o(

So…I will scan the two page finding tomorrow and post as a pdf , but essentially, the Radiologist did not mention much about the Styhloid at all. I will try to put a pic of it up there as well.

The thing that he did say in his report which was interesting to me was:

“There is SEVERE appearing canal stenosis at C5-C6. There is moderate to SEVERE foraminal stenosis at C5-C6. There are mild to moderate canal and foraminal stenoses at the other levels.”

There is more, but you get the idea.

I have no idea if this is what could possibly have been causing be such discomfort over the past 6 years. Light headed, Foggy, Fatigue, Ears Ringing, you know the drill !!!

I will post this tomorrow, hopefully try and get scans up as well.

Any input is greatly appreciated as I am clueless in this arena.



That is good that you got it done. Spinal stenosis is narrowing of the opening in your spine where the spinal cord and nerves go through. C5-C6 will have nerve pain that can be in the neck at C5-C6 down your neck, into your shoulder and into your arm or arms down into your thumb and first finger. Pretty sure that is not your issue. I have my spine fused at that level in April. Still had all my symptoms from ES including ringing in the ears, ear pressure and ear ache.

I am concerned he did not mention anything about the styloids. The report didn't mention styloids at all? If it doesn't let the doctor look at the scan to see if he sees the styloids. It would not be the first time they missed to mention styloids on a CT scan written report.

My CT scans never mentioned my cervical issues. They only mentioned my styloids, and my severely deviated septum with bone spur. On one CT scan it noted I had a sinus infection. Which I did not know because I always have sinus pain. That is one expensive test to find out you have a sinus infection. LOL


That is great news that you finally got it done. I am less concerned about the written report, because you are already seeing a specialist, which means (hopefully) that he/she should also look at the images. I have had reports that left out info as well, so it depends on both the technician and the radiologist and their familiarity with unusual objects in the images.

If you are taking the report to a Family doctor, then I would be concerned. At least here in Canada, family doctors never see the images and only go by the written report.

I find it interesting that you have the spinal stenosis, as I have it as well. Moderately severe in C5-C7, with minor degeneration at C2-C3. I wonder how many of us have that and if there is a correlation between bone loss in the normal skeletal structure and bone/calcification gain where there should be none?

I will be seeing an ENT on Monday in regards to potential complications with general anesthesia during my hernia surgery. He is also doing the styloidectomy on RB, so I will ask him for a 3D CT scan with contrast to kill 2 birds with one stone.

He works closely with my hernia surgeon (who also happens to be an Endochrinologist), so I may ask him for a Hypoparathyroidism test. If it comes back positive, I'd be curious to research any correlation between that and cervical osteo-arthritis.

Pretty soon, all of us will use our scan images as our profile picture. :) Maybe Ben & Scott can put up a special gallery page to display everybody's 3D CT Scans!

Congratulations again,

Red Pill

Red Pill I agree with you 100%.

I believe there is a correlation with the thyroid and other hormones. I am willing to bet that all of us have spinal issues. We will need to chat more about it. I am in to much pain these days to do much but we can compare notes and ideas anytime in the future.

Love the idea about the profile picture:-). LOL