My dog has vertigo

Started this morning, severe nystagmus and unsteady on his feet.
Emergency trip to the vet, he probably has “old dog vestibular syndrome “.

I’m sure the image of me, with vertigo, trying to load a dog, with vertigo, into my vehicle might have been entertaining to someone on the outside.

We both look like drunks when we walk, now.
They said it should pass in a day or so.

I’m kind of scared of losing him right now, but they seem to think it will pass.


Statistically speaking, odds are in your dog’s favour. So your friend will be alright soonish.


Our pets are so important to our own well-being. Therapy at its finest. I’d too be lost without my pups. Im happy to hear they think this will pass. I’m sure this isn’t what you need as you navigate your own health concerns right now.
Best to you both!


Hi tokenegret,

You made me laugh but Om sorry your busy has vertigo, too. My mom had a Whippet Dalmatian mix who got ODVS when she was abt 13. It was both funny & sad to watch her walk. The worst was when she’d get down off the couch where she slept because she’s almost always fall on the floor (which, thankfully, was carpeted). I hope your sweet dog recovers soon!!

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Your poor old dog, & poor you…I hope he gets better soon, hugs to you both :hugs: :hugs:


Thanks to everyone. He still has vertigo and needs to be in a quiet environment. I got a call this morning and my dad had a heart attack and I need to fly 3 hours to see him. He’s in ICU on a ventilator. They are keeping him comfortable until we can get there. I’m afraid I’m going to lose both my dad and my dog at the same time.

Such a hard time for you, @tokenegret. I’m so, so sorry. :sob: I hope you have safe travels & your dad hangs on. Ideally having you at his bedside might help revive him, but the situation does sound bleak.

I also hope your dog recovers from the ODVS. That isn’t fatal, just miserable for you & your dog.

Sending you a virtual hug & a prayer to say I care.

:hugs: :pray:

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@tokenegret I can just imagine what you are going through right now… Stay strong, hopefully everything will be alright.

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So sorry, such a difficult time, sending you hugs :hugs: :bouquet: :pray:

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I am so very sorry to read all of this!! Saying definite prayers for you.

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He actually awake and talking. Problem is, he has stomach cancer and it’s been bleeding. They can’t fix the heart due to the cancer (no anti-clotting meds) and they won’t touch the cancer because of the heart.

He is my mother’s care giver. She has COPD and is on constant oxygen.

I am now my mother’s care giver. I love my mother, but unlike my father I did not marry her due to my insane love for her.

She is the most difficult person in the world. She’s also funny, and affectionate… but the only person who can deal with her is my father.

I am hauling oxygen tanks all over the place, driving (!!) back and forth to the hospital, fetching and carrying for her.

And I must say, I’m in a lot of pain and the vertigo is pretty bad as well as the double vision and constant nausea.

I’m exhausted and in the verge of just finding a hotel and checking in for a day and leaving my mother to call one of her cousins.

Good that you’ve been able to see him & talk to him, a worry with where they go from here with his treatment… You are dealing with medical issues yourself, it sounds like a physically & mentally demanding job caring for your mum when you’re not feeling at all well, so if she can get some help for a few days to give you a break that would be good for you! You do have to take care of yourself too- it would be no good you having a car accident because you’ve got vertigo or are in lots of pain, or falling over carrying your Mum’s cylinder’s about!
How’s your doggo getting on?
Sending you hug & thinking of you :hugs: :pray:

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Thanks so much!
My dog is eating, yay! So I don’t have to worry quite so much about him while I’m here.


If there were thumbs up or down besides the heart at the bottom of a post, I’d give a thumbs down to all you’re dealing with. Totally agree w/ Jules that you aren’t in a position to be doing your mom’s full time care & should call on other family members to help. If you knew you could have a respite day(s) weekly that would probably reduce your stress which could really help relieve or at least calm down some of your symptoms. Your surgery isn’t too far off so you won’t be able to help your folks for awhile after that. Best to “prime the pump” & put those cousins to work so they know the routine during your recovery period.

Very happy to hear about your dogs upturn!! :hugs: