Operation Dec 2019

Hi all
I am having intra oral right side only Thursday 12th Dec.
I will post re my recovery as soon as I am able, hopefully it will help future users with their operation.


We can’t wait to hear how it goes! We are here for you!

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Best wishes, hope sll goes well! Sorry, I can’t remember who’s doing your surgery? Are you all ready, got ice packs, blender, pillows, nurse?!
Let us know how you get on when you’re able, will be praying for you!

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Hi Jules
I am having my surgery done by Mr Whittet, Singleton Hospital, Swansea.
Yes, freezer stocked up, loads milky drinks, V pillow and the nurse is my hubby lol.


Thank you, getting nervous now ( as I woke up during lingual tonsil surgery 3 years ago) but they are well aware of my concerns this time.


A wedge pillow is a must also (if you don’t have one). Sleeping w/ your head VERY ELEVATED (30 degrees at least) will really help reduce post op swelling in your throat. I bought a standard wedge pillow then piled bed pillows on it to increase the angle.
Congrats on surgery soon! I will be praying too!

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This is so true. I tried to sleep without the wedge pillow for a nap and woke up super swollen!!

Praying for your surgery!

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Thank you so much, will keep you posted.

All the best to you @sukinsmudge for a great outcome and speedy recovery.

Thank you, getting nervous now, but all prepared.đź–’


Hi all
My operation yesterday was cancelled at 10am. Waiting new date now for January, so looking forward to my Xmas dinner now :wink:

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Such a shame, it’s so hard when you’ve mentally geared up for the surgery & made all the arrangements…I guess enjoying your Christmas dinner is the silver lining in that cloud! Hope the time passes quickly before your surgery!

WOW! Such short notice, but I agree w/ Jules! Enjoy your Christmas & the dinner!!


Yes, thanks Jules, in a way relieved as was so nervous, but also relieved to be able to enjoy Xmas dinner.

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Thanks I Sarah.
Yes had to ring at 6.30am re bed status , they rang me at 8 to say still no bed but be going ahead and that I was first on theatre list, and rhat they would wait for me, which made me very anxious as we live 30 mins from hospital, so I was panicking about getting there, then to be rang again at 10am to say it’s cancelled.

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That’s so rotren, good old NHS! Mine was cancelled the day before, that was bad enough! Hope the day comes round soon & no more problems!

I am having my bilateral intraoral next week, I hope you can reschedule soon! I just rescheduled mine as I did not feel prepared and still had many questions to ask my doctor. I know rescheduling is very different in England. Keep us posted :hugs:

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Hi Gwendolyn
Good luck with yours and keep us up to date on your recovery. I rang really my operation today as NHS policy is if operation is cancelled on the day, they have to reschedule within 28 days, but they told me I be lucky to have it done by end March due to bed crisis. I e mailed surgeon secretary today asking if she can intervene, watch this space.

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Keep us posted!


What is your updated surgery day?