Spring is Coming

Hello all!

I am now scheduled to see the surgeon, yay! Progress! Actually, I went ahead and scheduled with two surgeons at the same time so I could get two options to work with. Now…the long wait. Both appointments are scheduled for June. I feel frustrated and exhausted just thinking about having to wait that long. However, it is giving me time to think of questions and concerns to talk with them about as well as get myself in order. My husband and I are going to try to get more exercise and fix our poor diet between now and then. Additionally I am reading all I can, both about the condition and about the two surgeons and their respective facilities.

My pain and symptoms seem to change day by day, sometimes better, sometimes worse. Usually worse. Sigh. Spring is coming where I live and all the yard work is needing to be done. Some of it will just not get done this year. My husband is going to plant significantly less this year and has chosen to focus on planting herbs and things that will be healthy for me post surgery. (awe, he is so sweet.) I had two days of no pain (I am also suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia pain) so we spent time outside just enjoying the breeze and the bees in the new spring wild flowers that are growing on our land. It was wonderful while it lasted. I hope that everyone gets a chance to enjoy a moment of peace every now and again.

Please share your spring moments when you have a chance.


What a nice post, @Duckie! How wonderful that your husband is taking good care of you & the two of you are able to enjoy the gentle spring weather & wildflowers. It sounds like it’s beautiful where you live, & the fact you have some space around you to enjoy is also a great blessing & will be healing for you post op.

ES symptoms are notorious for coming & going & gradually getting worse when present as time passes. This same scenario occurs during recovery as the nerves heal, but usually to a lesser extent, & in the end, symptoms go away, & feeling so much better reigns supreme!

Where I live has been much windier & wetter than it has been for many years. Spring is slowly trying to eek its way in & wildflower season is starting in my area, too. I have plans to go hiking w/ a group of friends to enjoy the wildflowers in a couple of weeks. :sunflower: :blossom: :bouquet: :heart_eyes:

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I love the wild flowers. We do not have a traditional grass yard and instead let everything grow wild, hand pulling thorny or noxious plants. When the wild flowers come up we like watching the bees, butterflies, and other insects hopping from one to the other. Our yard gets quite fluffy by the time we finally mow.

I appreciate this community. I may not post much but I am here often to let your experiences get me through the tough times. Thank you all for being here too.


I’m glad that you’re able to appreciate nature while you wait for your appointments, and can find some peace in between flare ups…this is from a very cold, wet and windy UK, not having many nice days to enjoy spring flowers here! And too cold to plant any seeds etc out right now as well!
Could you ask if you could be put on a cancellation list with the doctors? You might get in a little earlier if you’ve not already done that…
Sending you a hug for the bad days :hugs:

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Definitely on the cancelation lists! Thank you for the hugs. I will see if we can send some sunshine that way.


@Duckie - We have a similar yard! We let things go due due to the drought we’ve had for the last few years. We have so much wildlife in & out of our yard that about the only wildflowers that are successful are poppies & milkweed. Everything else gets eaten as soon as it starts to bloom. :smirk: