Surfer in a few Hours! MKG BONN GERMANY

Hi, im in Hospital right now and having surgery in few hours. Both sides Es and calcified ligaments will be operated. I’m a bit nervous…I hope it will be all right.
Power for everyone who’s in pain!
Greets from Bonn Germany


Best wishes to you- hope your surgery is speedy & successful, and that you soon recover! God Bless :tulip: :hugs:

Do You have any tips for better recovery?

I hope all goes well. Please keep the forum up to date on your recovery experience. I’m sure all will go well.


Sure i will tell all i can !

Hi Rene1986
Recovery tips: KEEP TO the pain medicine regimen your doctor gives you for the first week even if you’re having a “good” day. Letting pain “get ahead” of the pain medication by stopping it too soon & then having to play “catch up” w/ the meds. will delay your recovery (I speak from experience). DO NOT worry about getting addicted to your pain meds. People tend to give them up too early because of this fear. It is very unlikely you will have an addiction problem as you’ll most likely be using them for only a couple of weeks.
You may need to take a laxative of some sort as the pain meds prescribed are often constipating. I like magnesium citrate because it’s available in powdered form (CALM is one brand), & you can decide how much works best for you so you aren’t at the mercy of a pill.

ICE, ICE, ICE your neck for the first 2-3 days post op. 15 min on & at least 45 min. off several times a day. Put a thin towel or washcloth between your skin & the ice to protect your skin from freezing.

TAKE IT EASY! Let your friends/family wait on you for the first week at least. You can eat anything you feel like but running it through a blender, especially during the first week, will make it easier for you to swallow. Some people come out of surgery being able to eat solid food, but I imagine if you’re having bilateral surgery, you’ll be pretty sore. My husband blended whole meals for me - meat, veggies, etc. w/ almond milk to help soften it & it tasted great (even if it sounds bad). Eggs, mashed potatoes, pudding, soup, ice cream, smoothies, etc., are also good “go to” foods. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated as well.

FINALLY - Sleep w/ your head elevated to at least 30º for the first couple of weeks to a month. This will help reduce swelling in your neck & throat. Some people have found a neck pillow is also helpful. These are horseshoe or “V” shaped.

I’m praying for the best possible outcome for you.


Thank you for all first.
I think fine and I think a few symptoms are gone immediately. I can swallow much better. I more mobility I neck and shoulder. Ear sounds tinnitus might be less. The wound hurts a bit, I need much cool packs. Eating is possible,I prefer light soft foods,but I could eat bread and more. I will upload the pictures from the ligaments soon. Thank you for your support!!!

You’re welcome. So good to hear you’re already feeling improvements.

Have some problems with swollen face.hope it will be better soon…at monday I will be at a doctors meeting where they discuss how to find ways for better diagnosis especially for teethdoctor. Then I will also, finally see what they pulled out my neck… can’t wait for that.

See u soon

Your face swelling will go down over the next couple of weeks. Don’t worry. You’ve had major surgery. It will take awhile to feel & look normal again. :slight_smile:

It’s fantastic that your surgeon cares enough to look for better ways to diagnose & operate on ES. There are several US doctors who have done many ES surgeries. I don’t know if doctors share their surgical techniques with other doctors but if your surgeon would be interested in having a discussion w/ one or more of the “experts” in the US, I could suggest some names off the US ES Doctors’ List.

You are fortunate to have a doctor who is willing to show you your styloid. My surgeon said mine had to be sent off to a lab for examination. It was only after much asking that I got to see it in a jar. I forgot to ask after my first surgery so only saw the second one. Oh well!

Sure give me the list and i could reach them to the doctors. I only will see pics of the styloids. They are also in lab for research.
Thank you for all.
Everbody who will have surgery. Look forward. There is light! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here are 3 doctors that have done a number of ES surgeries and have good knowledg & experience. I’m sure there are others who would be just as qualified. These are the names I know best though:

Dr. David Cognetti, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Phone # 215-■■■■■■■■

Dr. Hussein Samji, Camino ENT
Phone # 408-■■■■■■■■

Dr. Jason Newman, University of Pennsylvania
Phone # 215-■■■■■■■■

This is the Hospital.

We could try to connect

Im at home now. I feel quite good. But my urine smells burned after surgery. Maybe i should check this.

MKG BONN is a very good place for Es Surgery in GERMANY.

Probably good to get it checked, but it could be the medications maybe?
Hope that you keep on healing well. Best wishes! :bouquet:


I feel so ne weakness in my shoulder and i cant lift my left arm easily. I hope it isnt because my ligametum less musclestructures. Has anybody experience with that?

There have been a couple of members who’ve had that- I think it can be down to the accessory nerve getting stretched during the op. Physiotherapy can help with exercises to strenthen the arm and shoulder, so it would be a good idea to try to get a referral.

those were Not the styloids, doc said both were Part of the ligaments. Its like bone structure

Wierd things…