Therapy after Post Op

I gotta tell everyone that I feel so good! Ok, minus some small factors but MUCH Better than before Surgery! I’m basically pain med free and I haven’t said that in at least 3 YEARS!! And,i have some clear thinking going on! WOW, I DO have a brain!
My husband notices that even when I’m tired that I’m getting my spunk back! Watch out world!! LOL

I do have some difficulties but not too much that I don’t notice all of the positives.
Since many of you had similar difficulties, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows about Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy work BEST when done sooner than later! Of course listen to your Dr’s!

Since I woke up from Surgery, my shoulder has been difficult to deal with and I never had any problems with it. It is very weak, and painful. I could barely use it.
I had asked several people in the Medical Field (friends etc.) if I should be concerned and everyone said no, just wait 4-6 weeks since it’s probably just from surgery. This did not sit well with me, since my professional field is very close to the Medical Field. This didn’t make any sense.

I was also told don’t worry about my swallowing difficulties. Such as water going up and out my nose, Looks lovely! or Food sitting in my throat and not going down. And my voice goes up into my nasal cavity too, weird! Everyone said wait! What?

I went to my GP, for a post op visit, even without a recommendation. I started PT yesterday and he is very hopeful that I will regain ALL of my shoulder use again but ONLY because I started right away! Otherwise, I would have risked years of difficulty.

It could be from mechanics of my shoulder, nerves being irritated from surgery, or even how they had to place me during surgery to get it out of their way. That really doesn’t matter.

Any time there is any damage to a part of our body, regardless of the why, it needs to get worked out as soon as possible! Stroke, fracture, injured. needs to get worked on or it can freeze up. Now, of course not days after, but within safe guidelines, of course. No, I’m not a Dr. or therapist but just going based on much information I’ve heard in my career.

I will start Speech therapy next week! I really want steak or a big greeesy cheesburger! Something to sink my teeth into besides oatmeal, pudding, soft cereal and mac n cheese.

I really just wanted people to know about the importance of physical therapy if there are any difficulties after surgery. Please don’t wait unless someone in that specific field directs you to wait.


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Thank you for your advice. It’s good to know that timing is everything. Wish I’d had your info when I was struggling w/ a few issues after my ES surgeries!

Glad you’re noticing such positive changes already!!


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Glad that you’re finding improvements already, and that you’re being so positive!
Best wishes, and i hope that your shoulder and swallowing etc. improve soon! :grin:

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