Update after surgery

Hey everyone the surgery went good. I’m doing ok. Day two after surgery was bad lots of pain still in a lot of pain eating is very hard even swallowing is very hard. The incision is bigger than what I was told. Left side of face is numb. Will try to post a picture. Thanks for all the prayers.
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Wow that scar is larger than I thought, hope you are feeling pain free soon.

Hi hazel eyes - mine was Monday as well. Very sore. Swallowing is like knives. How much did your surgeon get? Mine only got 2 cm - he seemed to be very pleased with that but I was certainly expecting more. I have about 8-9 stitches. We found out right before surgery mine are both the same length and very long and both were pretty wrapped in my carotid on both sides. Post surgery follow-up is the 12th. I’m about to post an update as well. May we get well soon. (Hugs)

They took 3cm off from mine. I’m not doing to good have an infection started throwing up today and believe me it hurts so bad. Can barely keep water down. I have my post op on the 11th. Heather B I’m glad your surgery went well praying for a great recovery for you.

Oh I am so sorry about the throwing up. That made me tear up. I can’t even imagine the pain! I had a few times I almost threw up and almost had a panic attack because it scared me so bad. Did they give you an antibiotic after surgery? I started taking one the day after and had just started running a fever but no fever since the antibiotic. You poor thing! The antibiotic is amoxicillin and liquid Tylenol for fever. I hope your stitches are still in tact. I will be thinking about you! Please keep us updated. You may need to be in the hospital for observation.

Checking in on you - I hope you are feeling better. Please update us when you feel up to it. Thinking of you :heart:

Thank you Heather B I’m doing better slowly saw my doctor today he said I’m healing slowly have to see him again in a month doctor also said it was the biggest one he has ever removed. Still very hard to eat. But I’m healing.